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a few rounds, turn the tube upside down and continue wrapping. A -inch tile and glass drill will do the job. Handsontools, phone:, fax: warehouse locations to serve you better. Glue the black backing paper to the pencil holder. If you find the yarn is a little deadline difficult to attach to the tube, wait until the glue is tacky before wrapping the yarn around. It will be easier for you to accomplish the task when everything is ready so you have to grab them as you follow the next steps. Ready to start with your DIY project? Ideally, the height should be 28 to 30 inches from the ground. Get the rest of the materials ready. Updated on March 31, 2013, if you're moving have into a a new home or remolding a bathroom you may need to install a toilet paper holder.

Follow the easy steps that we will mention in the rest of this post and you will realize how easy of a job. Sit on the toilet and position the toilet paper holder on the wall on the basis of which is most comfortable for you to reach. You might need a torpedo level to make the necessary measurements. Tear and tie to add additional fabric strip length if it is not sufficient. Thick cardboard size of the tubes diameter. Measure the space in between the two ends of the toilet paper holder. To determine where is the right placement. About 1 apart, snip menus the edge of the white paper fabric.

Of the masking paper roll holder and the axis of the handle are all contained in a thick plane, and for most purposes, at least insofar.on the paper roll holder and masking tape from a roll of masking tape mounted on the auxiliary tape roll holder overlies a portion.

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It is easier than what you might have initially thought. Here is how you can. Attach the circle to the base of makes the paper tube with masking tape. Choose the location of the toilet paper holder. Drill on the exact places with your markings. You can do this with the use of a marker or a masking tape. Use a rubber mallet to push them in place if in case you are having a hard time to fit the anchors. Craft room or writing table, badminton court, in some cases.

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