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research, for example as a PhD student. Students should also do 10 EC worth of courses from the LOT summer/winter schools. In the third semester, you are encouraged to take further courses from this broad range, and are further expected to follow (at least) two or three short research seminars in which researchers talk about their current research. Do you like taking a logical approach to problem-solving? Structure, all students admitted to the programme participate in a common set of courses providing them with the necessary foundations for further training and research, through confrontation with research methods and results in different approaches to linguistic diversity, presented by specialists in the field. You can choose the remaining EC in the first year from a list of various courses on topics ranging from approaches to language variation and language change to more disciplinary courses in syntax, phonology, semantics and phonetics or courses about the linguistics of individual languages. This course gives you a broad overview of language variation the focus point of linguistic research in Leiden. It must show that the student is capable of analysing existing literature in a critical manner, and of conducting independent research. By the time you graduate you will understand every type of linguistic expression sentences, words, and sounds inside out. Anyone who is interested in language, who questions where words come from, or how Geert Wilders thesis manages to wind people up with his pronouncements, will be fascinated by the curriculum. Im really interested in how language is embedded in our brains and how that differs across the world. The students need to earn 120 EC in total. In the first year, all students of Linguistics (research) follow two core courses.

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Who can also guide you towards a submission for a PhD Position. If this is what you wish. Studying linguistics means learning about the fundamentals of human language. The Leiden University research masters programme in Linguistics provides intensive and comprehensive training covering the entire range of presentday linguistic research. A linguistics qualification from Leiden University is respected by organisations worldwide. The First Horse Herders and the Impact of Early Bronze Age Steppe Expansions into Asia. Neuroscience and computer science, a student may opt for an established or personalised study track. Admission, by choosing a particular composition of courses within this common framework. Are you interested in exploring the areas in which Linguistics intercepts with knowledge from psychology.

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Specialise in what interests you most. You can customise your degree to meet your goals. And the history and diversity of languages in the world. Ive always been good at languages. But because Im not interested natural linen paper in literature I decided to follow a programme that focuses purely on language.

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