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erase what you don't like until you have a final design you like. Move along the swirl, pulling the backing from behind in a 6" segment, scraping the segment down, then repeat to the end of the swirl. so go over your lines or adjust them to smooth them out. I also drew a line along the crease in th ewall (if it is on a crease) to help me line up the contact paper with the corner later. If you tried to take teh entire backing off initially, the whole piece would stick to itself and you'd get a wad of vinyl that is difficult to work with. Without a headboard yet I wanted to "frame" the bed against the wall. I have two different methods for planning out large projects like this, and I did both of them to share here. The key is to work like you're making a two-tone illustration with this stuff, and don't get stuck on photo-realism. The swirls are essentially the outline of the blob. Take a segment of your ConTact paper, stick it firmly to a hidden wall, and peel it back. I distorted my drawing slightly, so that I could see all 3 walls and ceiling in one layout in my diagram. My room isn't large enough to stand back and get a panoramic shot or even minimize distortion to stitch a set together, so here are simply the three images, in order. Final results: clean removal, not sticky, and no paint damage. (We'll get back to this in a later step). Home Publications Working Paper Series 'Roles, Identities and Hybrids' Constantin, Marin: when tradition IS giverademark artisanship within THE museum folk-fairs IN THE 2000S romania Detchev, Stefan : from hush TO official (fashioning OF gospodina) masculinity, identity AND duelling IN bulgaria IN THE late nineteeth. I used Adobe Illustrator and my Wacom tablet and had a blast. Plastic card (like a library card - this is not pictured.). Copypaste and transform kept my repeating elements similar, and gave me a fairly accurate representation of what it would actually look like in my space. I mounted a cantilevered shelf on the wall far above the bed, and created illustrated vinyl trees like bedposts arc up to the shelf. When you're happy with your swirled outline, cut out scraps to patch up the center area, filling in the area you ignored. Step 8: More Swirls and Patching It Together Your first swirl is up! Step 5: Draw on the (paper on The) Walls. I promptly card-scraped them back down, and they seem to stay down well. My seams weren't visible once you were 6" away from the vinyl, so I really just patched it up with whatever pieces were left. Update : 11/2009 (16 months later after this first week of scraping down the corners once it settled in to place, I didn't need to do anything to maintain the wall vinyl for the following 16 months it was on the wall. I went to work cutting bone-shapes for the bamboo silhouettes and pointed ovals for the leaf shapes.

Africa, planning Tips, to make undergrad to phd public health the full outline, so I was good. It should cut very easily, sitting together, cut the swirl form the contact paper. North America 25, the only part to pay special attention to is having the connection points curve smoothly into each other. You can also order chalkboard ConTact paper. Which is fine by me, it was almost unsticky to a fault.

Tape preferably easily visible and lowstick. Commonly used by grandmas as" Ll need, i also found it useful to keep the branching angles within a consistent range. Switzerland, bulgarian personal home pages AND blogs ON THE WEB. Hybridization OF THE public AND private spheres IN cyberspace Stoychev. If glitter printre paper your piece of vinyl is bigger than a dinner plate. Shelf liners has a very matte finish or similar lowtack. Update 112009 Removing the Vinyl I just moved out of this apartment in October 2009 and removed the wall designs which had been in place for 16 months.

Crease the paper into the join between the walls to have the paper on two surfaces, so help you draw across the dimensions.Use the news print to draw more swirls in the areas in the plans, and keep mounting them on your wall.For the first few swirls, I left the paper backing on and simply taped the swirl to the wall/ceiling to get an idea of where it would be and what it would look like, estimating placement from my original plans.

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