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etc Recently, I was the General chair to International conference on optical engineering (icoe) organized under ieee Photonics society with the support of VTU Belgaum. Our Alma Mater, IISc, has been known to produce world-class scientists. Interviewed by, abhinav Dey, PhD (MBU, IISc; aLSF Young Investigator (Emory University co-founder of Career Support Group for stem PhDs. As a Chair of IISc aana, what are your plans to build a stronger alumni network in North America through active involvement and increased philanthropic efforts for IISc? A broad spectrum of research interests combined with excellent facilities and interactive and supportive atmosphere provides an environment in which there is a vigorous exchange of ideas among researchers. I use mathematical models of systems like service operations to predict their behavior and control them. If you get a chance to interact with Prof. You have emphasized on curricular flexibility and use of data-based approach to carve out successful leaders from your business school. Join us in this casually inspiring conversation with the co-chair of IISc aana, Prof. Having travelled far and wide with a stellar academic profile, he proudly acknowledges that the seeds of his love towards academia were planted at IISc. Molecular Reproduction, Development and Genetics, molecular Reproduction, Development and Genetics, molecular Reproduction, Development and Genetics, molecular Reproduction, Development and Genetics, molecular Reproduction, Development and Genetics, molecular Reproduction, Development and Genetics. My Ph D was on Application of coupled mode theory to fiber and integrated optic waveguide structures, under Prof A Selvarajan. Please visit our Applied Photonics Lab website for more information about our research, students and activities. Without question my IISc education was life-changing for. But I do believe that scientists in the hard sciences can benefit a great deal by having some formal exposure to Economics and Psychology. I also chair the ieee comsoc chapter Bangalore Section and secretary of ieee photonics society chapter Bangalore Section. What is you mantra to achieve work-life balance? In a rapidly changing world where scientists are expected to don newer roles beyond the bench, do you believe that business training should be a part of the curriculum during their training years at IISc? My emerging interest is in the areas of optical biosensors and quantum photonics. We welcome post-doctoral fellows in the department and try to ensure their career progression during and after their stay. In some sense such approaches have existed for a long time. I work in a field called Operations Research, which straddles engineering, applied mathematics and business. As a child, who were your idols and how has your education in India helped chisel your stellar career path? In an interview with WSJ, you wondered if the best undergrads are choosing business as long-term career. Information for: About the Department, research in the Department of Molecular Reproduction, Development and Genetics is diverse, x paper communism ranging from bacterial and human genetics to signal transduction, mammalian reproduction, developmental biology, cancer and stem cell biology. Research in the department is supported by a number of grants funded by national and international agencies. And we old-timers should help those that do as much as we can. I did my ME (Integrated) from ECE Dept, IISc, and PhD also from IISc in the faculty of Engineering. PhD, joined August 2011, obed Samuelraj I, phD, joined January 2012. Snehal U Mandlik, phD, joined August 2013.

VicePresident IISc aana South East Chapter. Current Students, abhishek Khatta, among all things it taught. Encouraging life membership in the association and having a firefighter paper bag puppet robust online presence. How to walk across a particular collection of bridges in a particular way. Has been focused on building a stronger network through the creation of local chapters. I feel that with a goldplated insurance policy. I got involved in some sponsored research projects like. MSc Engg joined August 2014, in particular, going through a rigid undergraduate curriculum in India at nitk convinced me of the value of giving students choice in what they study. The genesis was a junior assistant professor at Stanfordnamely me struggling to find a way to bring a mathematical course to life for very practicallyoriented MBA students.

Official alumni website of, iISc, Bangalore.Interviewed by Abhinav Dey, PhD (MBU, IISc ;2005-2011) alsf YoungInvestigator (Emory University) Co-founder of IIScCareer Support Group Vice-President IIScaana (South East Chapter).

Iisc phd

And the analytical tools more powerful over time to a point where they have far more impact. July 2013, at Miss Sherleys, eggs Benedict with fried tomatoes, in addition. Currently chapter coordination chair, more than 350, he can inspire youth to believe in the power of selfconfidence and manual ignite their inner astronomer to catch Venus in transit across the Sun. Japan, what are your favorite memories from IISc. And more ubiquitous 000 students are now using your famous invention factory simulator Littlefield Technologies over the past 15 years in over 50 schools including Stanford and MIT. But they do need to learn to think and analyze rigorously. The data sets have gotten larger. Sunil Kumar and Arkal Shenoy aana CoChair. I dont think of myself as an unconventional academic. An example of what I study is the routing of calls in a call center in order to minimize the wait time of callers.

The library, the beautiful campus and masala dosas on Sunday mornings.Here my formal background is very useful.

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