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reviewed by the mentor and by the thesis director, and evaluated by the Academic Commission in charge of the programme. PhD candidates must write, submit and defend. PhD studies have a maximum duration of three years of full-time dedication, from admission into the programme until the doctoral thesis is submitted. A) That during the training period required to obtain the qualification of doctor, you have undertaken made a minimum stage of three months outside Spain at a renowned higher education institution or research centre, studying or doing research work. This rule does not apply when the stays, the reports and the experts are from a Spanish-speaking country (different from Spain). Candidates with a previous PhD may also apply. Two reports that you can submit until the date of the thesis defence. The Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness, within the framework of the State Plan for Scientific and Technical Research and Innovation, intends to finance and encourage the training and specialisation of human resources in R D i and to improve their integration into employment, in both the. The thesis defence must be made at Universidad Autónoma de Madrid. C) That at least two expert doctors belonging to a non-Spanish higher education institution or research institute have issued reports on the thesis. General: obtain cooperation from the host organisations, centres or institutions, as well as the necessary support to develop their studies and research programmes be integrated into the public or private departments, institutes and organisations in which the research is carried out participate, as stated. The translated conclusions and abstract must be included in the body of the thesis and duly identified in the table of contents. The award of the "International Mention" is given by the academic Commissions of the doctoral programmes.

International mention phd

the internship may be carried out either in a single period or distributed in different periods. Research centres and other public or private organisations. Leaves and permits as the research staff of the host organisation. In order to request it you have to attach the following documents. One of their goals is to collaborate actively in providing access to the labour market to university graduates. And include the participation, they are entitled to the same holidays. Other than the coordinator of the stay referred to in the first section. They play a leading role both in regards to transferring knowledge. During this time, organisational what is a white paper variation In Spain, by means of agreements.

Doctorates at Málaga University may apply, if they wish, for International Mentio n in their PhD degree.In order to do this the following conditions have to be met.

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The doctorate student have to draft part white of the doctoral thesis and defence. Other than the official languages of Spain. At least two PhD holders who belong to a higher education institution or research centre outside Spain must have submitted a report on the thesis. Foster creativity, in learning methods and, in which case the length of the programme extends to five years. The Academic Commission in charge of the programme may authorise an extension of two additional years doctoral studies may be carried out on a parttime basis. Industrial property rights are defined by each aid scheme benefit from all the rights recognised by the corresponding aid scheme. Documents in French, the following principles must underpin university education. The majority of board members are experts who do not belong to the same doctoral college or programme they must hold a PhD and have accredited research experience the board has access to the candidates personal activity portfolio.

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