How to make paper drink coasters

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candles, vases, bath scrubs, or paper coasters for example. Cardboard pieces glued together in stacks of three each. Place some Mod Podge in a bowl and have kids Mod Podge the coasters, place the paper circles over and Mod Podge over the circles. DIY gifts kids can make. I love the different color combinations you patriotic paper margin designs can make just using scrapbook paper. Have kids trace out circles of paper using the coasters as templates. Simply add a few coasters to a gift box and tie with ribbon or twine, Such a simple and easy gift kids can make. Step 1: Make Blanks Out of Cardboard.

Etc, starting to decorate, for additional moisture absorption, im a total sucker for cute packaging and all things paper goods. Photographs make sure ink is permanent. Make them cited the size you want. We give our bad promise that we only recommend products or services we would use personally and believe will add values to our readers.

Been working on these DIY Waterproof.Paper Coasters and other.I have a cure for your pretty label woes, and it s called dimensional magic.

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The kids and I made these easy paper photo coasters last year as gifts and they were a big hit how so we put a twist to them this year by using colorful scrapbook papers. And gluing them on the coasters. Cut Pieces Out, tracing, a pumpkin design is selected for this coaster. Bath scrubs, there are so many different designs available.

Step 6: Varnish Coasters, several coats of an acrylic varish is used to enhance and seal the coasters.Personally I think that magic portion of that name is entirely appropriate considering you can now actually use the pretty things that you bought just for the label.This step will protect them from moisture in limited amounts.

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