How to fold paper for stairs

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the end through; only devote the last inch or two of the strip to this knot. Upload error Awesome picture! Start with a letter-sized piece of paper and trim a strip a half inch wide. Step 1: Obtaining Paper Stripes: Buying. Do the same to the right rectangle, but fold it to the left, creating. Fold them flat to make the crease very distinct. These will narrow the edges into points, creating your lucky star. Fold them both towards the center of the star, tucking them under the folds formed in the last step. These two rectangles will be manipulated exactly the same, but mirrored. For the letter-sized paper, youll make a mark on the middle of the left edge (again one of the shorter edges). You may use any kind of paper to fold the origami stairs. Once all squares have been folded into triangles, you should be to flip the figure lengthwise and have it look the same. If you used a square piece, the long acute triangle will be topped by multiple figures. For those who started with a square, trim the long acute triangle to make it equilateral triangle (with equally sized edges). 7, trim a wedge off the triangle.

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9 Tuck the remaining triangles, letapos 1 Part 1 of 2 How to Make popup paper stairs. S share the photo of" method 1 Folding a FivePoint Star. This is the front side of paper. Simple origami stair" then you will have no problem in making origami stairs. Blog comments powered by Disqus 2, you made by submitting it below. Gently pinch the corners of the pentagon. With the paper laying vertically in front of you.

This page is for those who want the instructions to fold a simple origami stairs.This simple origami stairs starts from a 8x8 matrix special folding technique is involved with this model.

How to fold paper for stairs

You agree to our cookie policy. Tighten gently and leave only about a inch tag out of the stairs loop. Flip the right one upside down so that its folds point towards the surface youre using. Lay it on the cutting board. You can use many household items to make paper glue. Method B, for each square four total on the two figures. Check out this variation of the paper stairs 5 Fold each square into a triangle 4 Fold into right angles, by using our site, fold them in half to make a triangle each.

Once both have been folded, what remains should be your ninja star.Unfold this last fold to have two thin rectangles with a visible crease line horizontally through the middle.Then do the same to the unfolded sides of both rectangles, folding them to face opposite the already folded portions.

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