How to use secondary sources in a research paper

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current theories and understanding of the past. 149,.7, April 1, 1967,. For example a textbook should include a bibliography which will be a list of all the primary and secondary sources the author used when they wrote their book; 1/4 graph paper pad this bibliography may contain sources that you will also find useful. Any other version of it that you see in visual culture (photograph, slide, digital image, postcard, stationary) is a reproduction. If you have made use of a specific idea from a secondary critical source, you must cite that author within the essay itself. Scot Ober discusses this concept in "Fundamentals of Contemporary Business Communication saying "the source of the data is not as important as its quality and its relevance for your particular purpose.". Be aware of over-relying on any single critical source in your essay: in deciding what you think about a text or issue, it always helps to look at a number of critical viewpoints on it rather than just one. For the purposes of the Modern Art History course, we will consider them primary. Plagiarism, which is the unacknowledged use of someone else's work, is taken very seriously by tutors. In fact, this anthology includes a completely different illustration of Pollock's work. Additionally, these reproductions can be in academic databases as well as educational and commercial websites. Note: In the strictest sense, secondary sources are sometimes considered to be anything that refers to a primary source, such as a review of an artwork. The, museum of Modern Art's page for. Generally the anthology will have a specific focus like renaissance writings on art making, 19th century art criticism of a specific individual. Humanities, languages, doing Historical and Archival Research Ben Gidley describes secondary sources as "accounts created by people writing at some distance in space or time from the events described" (. Secondary sources also provide advantages unique from primary sources, but Ober posits that the major ones are economic saying that "using secondary data is less costly and time-consuming than collecting primary data.". You can see exactly what van Goghs handwriting looked like and feel the quality of the paper. Primary sources might also include first-hand accounts that were documented later, such as autobiographies, memoirs, and oral histories. This makes them much more useful to you particularly if you need up-to-date information. Most archives, though, cannot publish their primary source materials in such a robust and extensive manner. In general, these are documents that were created by the witnesses or first recorders of these events at about the time they occurred, and include diaries, letters, reports, photographs, creative works, financial records, memos, and newspaper articles (to name just a few types). In the strictest definition, primary sources are usually considered to be items like personal letters, diaries, records or other documents created during the period under study. When you are selecting secondary texts to consult in writing your essay, it can be helpful to know or find out where the authors are 'coming from'. Although the basis of your essay will be your own ideas about the text(s) you are studying, these will be enhanced how to stick paper to glass jars if they are informed by an awareness of what others have thought and written about those texts. Secondary reading is obviously useful to you if there are aspects of the texts you are studying which you find difficult to understand. Letters, diaries, journals, newspapers, historical documents of all kinds have been reproduced and published in books, articles, journals, magazines, anthologies, and encyclopedias. It is a requirement because the nature of literary study at degree level is much broader than at A-level or on access courses. It will help you in developing your understanding (and writing style) if you try to read whole critical articles, rather than just skim-reading them for suitable"s. A researcher must, therefore, vet the qualifications of the secondary source as it relates to the topic for instance, a plumber writing an article about grammar may not be the most credible resource, whereas an English teacher would be more qualified to comment on the. Some archives are digitizing their collections and making them freely available on the web.

One of the easiest ways to access primary source material without going to an archive is to use an anthology which is a collection of writings or articles. Sproull points out that secondary sources" Essay layout, you agree with what the critic has said. Secondary sources provide a type of backup to their primary counterparts. If you use a secondary source that was published decades ago 2004, and anthologies, copyright towels Condé Nast You will be expected to understand and comment phd upon the context in which the content appeared. Bibliography, secondary sources address the primary source.

Secondary sources are a part of most research papers, particularly in the humanities, where you ll be asked not only to analyze an original text.Why, use Secondary Sources?

How to use secondary sources in a research paper. Example of a moral philosophy paper

Advantages and Disadvantages glitter of Secondary Data. Here are examples of the same content published in a popular magazine and reprinted in a scholarly anthology. You would have to transcribe the contents by hand. Primary Sources, and popular, you are entitled to use or reject secondary material as you wish. Secondary sources consist of information that has been gathered and often interpreted by other researchers and recorded in books. You can introduce material from a secondary text in order to support a particular interpretation which you are making. The article is surrounded by fashion spreads. E In that case, authors and genres, s observations on a topic to summarize his or her own viewpoints on the matter to progress the discourse. In contrast to primary sources in research activities.

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