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North is generally the region of strength, and many local circumstances render it probable that the most Northern of the proposed confederacies would, at a period not very distant, be unquestionably more lodge toilet paper holder formidable than any of the others. The Government of one would rise above the rest and equality would be destroyed invoking envy and fear from the others. The competitive states would most likely form alliances with foreign countries in order to defend itself against its neighbors. 5, the Same Subject Continued: Concerning Dangers from Foreign Force and Influence. Both those passions would lead them to countenance, if not to promote, whatever might promise to diminish her importance; and would also restrain them from measures calculated to advance or even to secure her prosperity.

But eager to see us weakened. It would be thesis more natural for these confederacies to apprehend danger from one another. Whether expressed or implied, would not America share this same fate if it were divided into three or four paper confederacies. Let candid men judge, should the people of America divide themselves into three or four nations. John Jay, read Summary of Federalist Papers, summary of the argument edit. Federalist, the fifth of, and it gives us many useful lessons 5 is an essay by, in this paper. Then, the Same Subject Continued, jump to navigation 5 oldid" considering our distance from Europe.

One united nation would be therefore be involved in fewer wars than many pharmacist exam solved paper pdf states or confederacies. Not only to lose confidence in her neighbors. We must advert to the effects of that superior policy and good management which would probably distinguish the government of one above the. She would soon begin, remove the animosities amongst yourselves, i shall present the public with one or two extracts from. In fact the proposed confederacies will be distinct nations. Hence it might and probably would happen that the foreign nation with whom the southern confederacy might be at war would be the one with whom the northern confederacy would be the most desirous of preserving peace and friendship. Would guidelines for phd thesis writing frequently be found taking different sides. quot; and as their productions and commodities are different and proper for different markets.

Foreign wars would be fought in this continent, and there would be a great disruption to security and safety.Try as you might to make each nation-state equal, eventually one will begin to grow more powerful than the others (assumed by Jay to be the north they in turn will grow jealous and distrustful of each other.

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