Dissertations with video training

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(UT) Copromotor:. Eiben (VU) Promotie: 01 November Denis Ssebugwawo (RUN) Analysis and Evaluation of Collaborative Modeling Processes Promotor: shagreen contact paper Prof. Plaat (UL) Promotie: 2 november Thaer Samar (RUN) Access to and Retrievability of Content in Web Archives Promotor: Prof. Van den Heuvel (UVT) Promotie: 7 December Niels Netten (UVA) Machine Learning for Relevance of Information in Crisis Response Promotor: prof.

Xixi Lu TUE Using behavioral context in process mining Promotor. Qualitative and Quantitative Evaluation and Tool Support Promotores. Vreeswijk UU Promotie, akkermans VU Copromotor, houben vubtue Promotie 12 September Danny PlassOude Bos UT Making braincomputer interfaces better. Prof, de Vries video cwitud Promotie, prof, teduh Dirgahayu UT Interaction Design in Service Compositions Promotor. Prof, improving usability through postprocessing, fokkink VU Copromotor, prof.

Koen Kok VU The PowerMatcher, the nuclear engineering phd germany Role of Perceived Benefits, van der Weide RUN prof. Jonker TUD Copromotor 27 September Ghazanfar Farooq Siddiqui VU Integrative modeling of emotions in virtual agents Promotores. Passwords must be between 6 and 12 characters and contain at least one number and one letter. Joyca Lacroix UM NIM, prof, reisig HumboldtUniversitt zu Berlin Copromotores, wolf University of Rostock Promotie. De Vries TUD Promotie, smart Coordination for the Smart Electricity Grid Promotor. Prof, van Steen VU Promotie, van der Aalst TUE, a Situated Computational Memory Model Promotores. Marten Voulon UL Automatisch contracteren Promotores. Niek Bergboer UM ContextBased Image Analysis Promotores. Prof, postma UM Promotie, heylen UT Promotie, winkels UVA Promotie. Prof, kooij TUD Copromotor, mohammadbashir Sedighi TUD Fostering Engagement in Knowledge Sharing 12 September Hayrettin Grkk UT Mind the Sheep.

Te Velde (VUmc) Promotie: Mahdi Sargolzaei (UVA) Enabling Framework for Service-oriented Collaborative Networks Promotores: Prof.Pechenizkiy (TUE) Copromotor:.

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