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Does the applicant have the desire to use the right of conventional. The formula shall be submitted in the form of single-claim and multiclaim formula and shall include, as appropriate, one or more claims. The features are listed in the supplementary materials and subject to a formula incorporating recognized absent in initial materials of the application, if they were not disclosed to them on the date on which in expert organization received an application for a patent, the description. The expert organization in accordance with Article 15 (1) (ii) of the Eurasian Patent Convention and paragraph 2 of Article 37 of the Law shall perform the functions associated with the procurement, testing and shipment of the Eurasian application to the Eurasian Patent Office (hereinafter. The procedure for examining an application for invention. 3 countries of filing the application (date of receipt of additional materials on it on the basis of which (are) set the priority of the invention, if at the request of an earlier priority date than the date of filing in an expert organization; the. Converting to an application for a patent for utility model does not apply to applications in which objects are patenting diagnostic, therapeutic and surgical methods for treating humans or animals. On behalf of the legal entity petition shall be signed by the head of an organization or other person, duly authorized by the founding documents of the legal entity, indicating his position; signature sealed with stamp of that legal entity. The application makes a record in the Russian and Kazakh languages?"This annex is an integral part of the patent." The application is filled in the Kazakh and Russian languages. Characters not mentioned in the description shall not in drawings 14) If a graphic presentation is represented as a scheme, when it is executed applies standardized conditional pictograms; 15) allowed one type of diagram to depict the individual elements of the schemes. If the method is characterised by the use of funds, known before the date of priority, it is enough to specify these features. The author of the invention, not the patent is issued an official certificate confirming his authorship; 3) description of the invention with a patent and license the authors included are sent by registered mail to the registered address of the patent owner or the address. The functions of designated and elected Offices in the Republic of Kazakhstan in accordance with Article 2 of the Treaty performs expert organization, guided by the Treaty, the Regulations to the Treaty, the Law and these Regulations and the provisions of the Treaty and the. The preliminary examination is carried out within one month from the date of receipt of the application in the expert organization. After describing of construction of the utility model describes its action (work) or method to use with reference to drawings views. Graphic (visual) similarity of verbal symbols is determined based on: the overall visual impression; font type; ways of writing, including the arrangement of the letters and the alphabet; colors and color combinations. This application will be treated as if it had been filed on the date of the international registration in accordance with Art. The protocol provides: the new edition of the claims proposed by the applicant (his representative application for withdrawal of the application; examination questions that require written explanations. When replacing the dead applicant, specified in the application on the granting of an invention patent, by the heir, it is necessary the signature of the specified heir, who must legally prove his right to inheritance by presenting a notarized copy of the certificate. When publishing information about the patent for the invention of expert organization publishes the bulletin "nerksip menshigi - Industrial property" in section "nertabystar - Inventions" in the Kazakh and Russian languages, the following information: number of patent for an invention; code type security document. The procedure for the preparation and registration of the application to the trademark, service mark,. Changes in the stuff of the authors: 1). In the section of description Field of technology to which the invention relates indicated the scope of the invention, if there are several such areas, specifies the priority. In the case of conventional application by other applicant, shall be submitted permission of applicant of the first application for the use of the right of priority. Peculiarities of the utility models formula relating to biotechnology product: 1) to the utility models formula, characterizing products related to unanimated objects with determined or partially determined structure include structural formula or other features to establish construction of such products, in particular the sequence. Claimed offer in respect of which no conclusion that it refers to exclusion from protection is checked for compliance with the terms of industrial applicability, novelty and inventive step; 2) when considered in the formula contains an alternative concept, patentability check is carried out for. If using unknown means shall disclose their characteristic and, if necessary, attached graphic image; 2) when used in the way of new substances is revealed method of their receive; 3) for utility model relating to the method of obtaining group (series) of chemical compounds described.

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The applicant is invited, in the gard title of the invention relating to a culture of plant or animal cells included cell culture name and designation. Availability of constructive component s connection between the elements 3 3 the invention is not deemed. And considered it important additional features. Petition on behalf of a legal entity shall be signed by the first head of the organization or other person authorized to this by constituent documents of legal entity.

Jennifer Doudna conducted her, phD research with Jack Szostak at Harvard University.Types I and III are relatively complex, using multiple enzymes to recognize and destroy invading phages.Motto(s) : Union, Justice and Confidence Union, justice, et confiance ( French ) Lunyon, Jistis, é Konfyans (.

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Absent missing the copy copies of the first first application s in the case of claiming a convention priority is submitted within six months from the date of receipt of the application in the expert organization. Product as an object of a utility model. The Annex is a record" Section coating of description" technical leve" the expert organization as a competent Receiving Office receives international applications in Russian or English 3 if any To be filled only where priority date earlier than the date of receipt of application. The Eurasian Office shall be notified about the impossibility of transfer of the Eurasian application. Used in the trademark as unprotected elements. The establishment of priority of the utility model. A biotechnology product, culture of plant or animal cells 2 Priority shall be the date of filing the first application in a country party to the Paris Convention. The Eurasian application is sent to the Eurasian Office within four months. The most close to the utility model on set of essential features prototype. The provision of such execution in the form of additional materials from its allocation to the grounds.

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