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not print, check your application's documentation for support with configuring the paper source and paper size. Attempt to print the document again. Doing this may cause the paper to fold. Clean the paper pick-up rollers for tray #2 (1) with a soft lint-free cloth moistened with water. Please follow the steps below to clean the paper pick-up roller: DO NOT use cleaning materials that contain ammonia, alcohol, any type of spray, or any type of flammable substance to clean the outside or inside of the machine. Loading paper in the manual feed slot You can load special print media one at a time into this slot. Cleaning the paper pick-up rollers. To see how to remove the jammed paper click here. Turn it on if it didn't turn itself. Remove the paper and re-insert it in the center of the manual feed slot, and then press, black (Mono) Start or, color (Colour) Start. There are several reasons that the Brother machine displays "No paper Fed". Wait for it to initialize. When paper is placed in the manual feed slot, the machine always prints from the manual feed slot. Tightly wring out a lint-free cloth soaked in lukewarm water, and then in the paper tray wipe the separator pad (1) to remove any dust. Start - Control Panel - Printers. The problem you are having can be caused if the paper source in the program is set to Manual feed or MP tray or if the paper size is set to custom/special. If the machine starts multiple-feeding the last few sheets of paper in the tray, clean the Base Pad (1) with a soft, lint-free soft cloth moistened with water. Listed below are steps for Microsoft Word. . Put the paper back in the paper tray. Cleaning the paper pick- up rollers for paper tray #2 (This step might be skipped in some models.) Unplug the machine from the AC power outlet. Open the manual feed slot cover. Make sure that the Paper Size and Paper Source is set to the tray that has the correct paper loaded. Pull the paper tray out of the machine. If the data does not fit on one page, the LCD will prompt you to load another page. Clean the paper pick-up rollers and the back sides of the paper feed rollers. Using both hands, put one sheet of paper in the manual feed slot until the front edge touches the paper feed roller and the machine beeps. Content Feedback, to help us improve our support, please provide your feedback below. Using both hands gently adjust the manual feed slot paper guides to fit the paper. Click the Mailings tab.

Clean the Paper Pickup Rollers 1 with a soft lintfree cloth moistened with water. HL2270DW, wipe the pad with a dry. Be careful not to inhale toner. Slide the manual feed slot paper guides to the width of the paper that you are going to use. Cancel All Documentsapos, brother mfc-9840cdw no paper error dO NOT press the paper guides too tightly against the paper. That will open a small window. HL2220, and then close the paper support. Slowly turn the rollers so that the whole surface is cleaned. If you need further assistance, pull it out and insert it again at the center position. Cancel or all at once by doing Printer apos.

Details: Printer model: Brother DCP -7065DN Firmware version.Error message description: No Paper, Reload, paper then press Start.

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The machine automatically turns on the Manual Feed mode when you put paper papers in the manual feed slot. The printer driver would be the icon representing the printer. Remove the jammed paper, clean the Back Paper Feed Rollers 1 with a soft lintfree cloth moistened with water. Put only one sheet of paper in the manual feed slot with the side to be printed face. Manual Feed Slot read" the Brother machine is out of paper or paper is not properly loaded in the paper tray. The LCD will show" the machine is out of paper or paper is not properly loaded in the paper tray. To see how to clean the paper pickup rollers click here. The paper was not inserted in the center position of the manual feed slot.

Clean the paper feed rollers.If you see this error often when making a 2-sided(duplex) copy or 2-sided(duplex) print, the paper feed rollers may be stained with ink.Pull the paper tray completely out of the machine.

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