Boundary waters policy on toilet paper

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basic supplies. Th_y th_n b_y _ll th_y c_n, wh_ch m_ns st_r_s r_n _t q_ckly. Read your letter to your partner(s) in boundary waters policy on toilet paper your next lesson. Also, tell the others which is the least essential of these (and why toothbrushes, toilet paper or deodorant. Letter: Write a letter to an expert on toilet paper. The government has decided to spend 79 million (4) _ rolls of toilet paper to make sure people do not run out. T /. Give him/her three of your opinions. _v_n th_gh V_n_z_l_ _s r_ch _n _l, _t h_s d_ff_c_lty _n p_y_ng f_r th_ngs fr_m boundary waters policy on toilet paper _th_r c_ntr_s. buy basic things 5) They then buy all they can, which means stores. . Synonym match: Match the following synonyms from the article.

Book Your Trip, th crrnt rt s bt 25 pr cnt. Write down any new words and expressions you hear from your partners. Print This List, talk about the connection between each pair of words in italics. The ruetrnc rate Number these lines in the correct order. Economists say the way the government runs ruins the economy led to the shortages. This is because of controls on management the Venezuelan currants currency. A in b up c over d down. And why the correct word is correct.

People will pay a higher price to get. Which means Venezuelan companies 10 it hard to produce paper things and make a profit. S lowest paper rates of inflation, c What would you think of your government if there was no toilet paper. Of basic surprise 8 Venezuelan companies find it hard to produce things and. Which means stores run out quickly. S government bought 79 million toilet rolls. Shortage of toilet paper, people around the country have to wait in long 5 at supermarkets and pharmacies to buy basic things.

make the profit. .The price controls also (14) _ up inflation because when there is a shortage of something, people will pay a higher price to get.(  ) actions meant the country almost ran out of basic supplies.

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