Why is there french on toilet paper

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new ideas or opinions or facts would be shared with others. If an entry were deleted and the reason that was given was "Patent Nonsense" it means that, to the casual (or indeed any) reader the content was unintelligable, you can't make heads or tails out. This toilette in turn derived from the French toile, meaning cloth; specifically, referring to the cloth draped over someones shoulders while their hair was being groomed. Am I reading this wrong? Granted it is 2:20 am in Tokyo but I was April Fooled. The "in the news" sections unavoidably results in tragic events appearing along more lighthearted stuff on any day ( Exploding whale and Japanese toilet are FAs, and may appear alongside reports of genocide and catastrophe any day). I am very amused. But this is really nothing new, cost it's just that the April Fools Day mess became so high profile. They asked them, of course: the company brought in 200 average housewives and asked them how the humble toilet brush could be improved. Rover is Britains last volume car maker, more like was. Solipsist 18:27, (UTC) I think having potd on the Main Page would completely break the page's layout. Let's check the archive. Still, Veneralia is a festival, it's not "festivals". I'd also say it's worth leaving the news section alone. Feel free to disagree.

Why is there french on toilet paper

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Toilet, paper wasnt Commonly Used in the United States Until the Early 20th Century.The term toilet itself comes from the, french toilette, which meant dressing room.

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The term generally meant something private, intimate, or concealed.I think you'll have better luck asking at the reference desk.Here is a link.

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