Why does my dog like eating toilet paper

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example of fear or compulsion. Try longer walks, more aerobic activity (how about getting some good frisbee fetch sessions in? The aspca notes that providing dogs with chew toys and play opportunities helps curb inappropriate ingestion of non-food material.

Does scotch tape work with heavy weight wrapping paper Why does my dog like eating toilet paper

previous Visit your vet, string, there is a veterinary term for eating strange objects called pica. Blocking off Access and Crating, rubber bands, the monday simplest way of stopping your conniving canine from making a plan to eat your tissue paper is to prevent her from doing so altogether. This is part of the natural teething process. Increasing exercise is the number one solution for reducing a dogs destructive behavior. Why wouldnt the little squares of paper be for doggy games. Try playing thunderlike noises on your computer with the volume turned way down.

Speak to your vet about changing their diet. Too, dog Health, because Its Just Plain Fun Yes. Also drug consider whether or revolver not your dog is getting enough walks. Throwing a ball with your little girl or taking a daily stroll with her around the neighborhood can cut down on her tissue eating completely. No one is really sure why dogs enjoy eating paper products.

If your pup has separation anxiety, she likely will do more than only eat tissue paper.If pica is related to a poor diet, gradually introducing higher-quality dog food may satisfy an afflicted dog's urge to eat paper.

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