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when held upto the light. Top Term Definition fanning Momentary separation of the press sheets by hand riffling so that fresh air is allowed to sweep over the surface of each sheet. It also measures tone values in terms of print density. A print with areas of lower optical density than of the ink film, by the use of a fine pattern of ink dots. Coating mottle: A small-scale variation of glass of a coated Calender sheet, which can be detected by viewing the surface in specular reflection. Gripper space Clear space in the print for grippers. Broke Paper that is to be reprocessed from any part of a paper mill. Its metric counterpart is grammage, where mass per unit area is expressed in units of grams per square meter. Tone The visual density of a printed area. ISO size Standard metric paper sizes recommended by ISO top Term Definition JOG To align sheets of paper into a compact pile. Stencil-duplicating paper An oil-absorbent paper with a toothy surface. Pick(picking) The rupture of a fragment of paper from it's surface during papermaking or printing; leaving the fragment clinging or released; fragments may be flakes, fibres, fines or coating. . Ply separation blister: Ply or layer or paperboard separating for short distances in an irregular manner. Rattle (Snap) That combination of properties such as stiffness density etc. Canadian standard freeness (CSF The rate, at which water drains from a pad of pulp, measured under exacting test conditions. CD wrinkles: Fold over of a web in the cross machine direction, giving a crease running in the machine direction. Mechanical Curl: Curl that is the result of mechanical stresses in the paper, other than that of swelling or shrinkage due to moisture changes. Mottled finish A paper appearance, which is characterized by high and low spots or by glossy and dull spots. The number and positioning of spaces depend on the type of printing press, as gripping could be top, bottom, sides or all four sides. It is cooked by soda process. Bulk Volume per unit weight of a sheet of paper. Wire side That side of the sheet of paper which was formed in contact with the wire of a Fourdrinier paper machine during the process of manufacture. Scumming The printing of an unwanted light tint in the Non-image areas of print, due to a faulty plate. Important characteristics are finish, strength, and freeness from fuzz, rigidity and traditionally good pen-and-ink writing characteristics. Generally three flaps are stuck together, the fourth which may be gummed or run-un-gummed, serving as a closure. Red thin paper coated on one side with a white wax, so that the needle of the barograph leaves a red line on a white ground, sold in rolls and coils and to suit the type of barograph. Top Term Definition knife coating A coating process in which a doctor blade, knife, or a straight edge is employed to spread and control the amount of coating on the paper, includes Air Knife coating, Blade coating. Intact paper bridges the space between the cuts. Fold Term used to describe how sheets are folded; single fold, double fold, centerfold, and gatefold.

Vellum paper vs glassine. Cd insert printing paper

Top Term Definition ghosting Ghost image A secondly unwanted image in a print. So that voids or craters are visible at the coating failure. Paper that does not contain any free acid. Writing ink or coating colour into paper. Shiny, format best way to smoke weed without a pipe or paper The size, ctmp Acronym for chemi thermo mechanical pulp.

Vellum paper vs glassine. Best place to trade on paper online

Fissures in the crease kentucky horse scrapbook paper when any paper is folded along a fold paper plate easter basket ideas line. Dirt Small flecks of foreign material which have a colour in contrasts to that of the paper. Crease Deformation remaining from a fold over. Liquid ink of either water or organic solvent base for flexographic printing.

Book bulk, Bulk index or inversely as bulking number (pages per inch).Top Term Definition IGT Acronym for Institute Von Graphische Technologie.Blister cut: A cut caused by a fold-over of a blistered paper or board, which is creased and cut in the Calender stack.

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