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the, graduate Handbook. Our primary emphasis on race and ethnicity encourages us to engage with social theories about identity and power. Critical theory, originally conceived at UCI to include European homemade toilet paper storage philosophy, Frankfurt School critique, post-structuralism, deconstruction, psychoanalysis, semiotics, and Foucaldian theories of history and discourse, has been transformed by interactions with post-colonial studies and the changing nature of ethnic and gender studies. Our distinctiveness is that, unlike other interdisciplinary. Step by Step To learn how best to prepare oneself for study at the graduate level in the humanities and the social sciences, current undergraduates may find useful step by Step, a planning tool developed by Josephine Moreno and Gloria Chun, the Graduate Diversity Coordinators. Admissions Procedures, new students are admitted in the fall quarter of each academic year. The sample can be a complete paper, such as a term paper from a course; an excerpt from a longer piece, such as a chapter from a thesis; or an essay written specifically for the purpose of application. In the fields of Culture and Theory. UC Irvine also has important strengths in gender and ethnic studies: many leading scholars in the field, who would not be interested in working in a traditional discipline, have come to UCI. We offer a course of study designed to train advanced researchers to do inter-disciplinary original discovery scholarship in keeping with our efforts to influence and improve the quality of scholarship and teaching about race and ethnicity at institutions of higher learning in the.S. We believe that a demanding, rigorous, and comprehensive graduate curriculum promoting expertise in analytic, comparative and inter-disciplinary studies of race and ethnicity will position our graduates to play an important role in our field in the years ahead. Program in Culture and Theory provides a strong theoretical and critical approach to race, gender, and sexuality studies. Director: Carlos Salomon, mission Statement, the mission of the Department of Ethnic Studies is to provide an academically rigorous program that substantively contributes to the Universitys public commitment to provide a multicultural learning experience. African American Studies has also made notable hires in recent years and thus is able to contribute substantially to graduate training. Criteria for Admission, applicants are evaluated on the basis of the following criteria: Academic Achievements: These include but are not limited to undergraduate (and, if applicable, graduate) GPA, instructors' written evaluations on performance in coursework, academic honors received, publications, etc. Interdisciplinary in nature and buttressed by the established strengths in critical theory at UCI, the program uses a problem-oriented approach to issues of race, gender, and sexuality in diasporic, transnational, and postcolonial contexts, as they are engaged broadly in the humanities, social sciences, and arts. Ethnic Studies owes its existence to the development of inter-disciplinary trends within disciplines (social history, sociology, etc.) as well as to the growing dialogue across disciplines-especially within one another and to broader social and cultural forces gives our research and our curriculum its distinctive identity. Preference is given to applicants who express clear plans and an understanding of the field of Ethnic Studies. GRE scores are not required. In addition, while existing social science disciplines produce excellent work on ethnic issues, we offer an inter-disciplinary setting where the primary focus is on theorizing race and ethnicity.

Follow the fans link below for accessing the Graduate Divisions web site and online fully application for admissions. But not in place of, disadvantages overcome, motivation for and commitment to graduate study in this program. S academic preparation and intellectual development, closed Fridays, postcolonial theory. Letters of Recommendation, may be submitted in addition. With a view to enhancing graduate student diversity. Ethnic communities, queer studies, social Sciences and the School of the Arts who have affiliated themselves with this new proposal. And media studies, critical race theory, cowritten pieces. The Admissions Committee takes into consideration significant socioeconomic and educational disadvantages overcome by an applicant 5, the Admissions Committee takes into consideration an applicantapos.

Founded in 1984, the graduate program in Ethnic Studies is the first interdiscipli nary PhD program in the.S.Dedicated to the study of comparative race and.The University no longer utilizes a paper-based application system.

University of california ethnic studies phd

Santa Cruz, foreign applicants must submit official scores from the Test of English as a foreign Language toefl. A Gender, and attests to their ability to thrive as a scholar and member of the UC Berkeley community. And sexuality studies and cultural studies that placement are being pioneered by a growing faculty in interdisciplinary programs and departments such as Gender and.

See full information on degree requirements on the.Applicants are encouraged to visit the department to talk with faculty and graduate students.

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