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studies indicating that the relationship of maker socioeconomic position, especially as indexed by income, to health is monotonic, but not a linear gradient. Avoid imposing values on others that may conflict or be inconsistent with cultures other than your own. Although increasingly higher levels of socioeconomic position may be associated with increasingly better levels of health, there are also substantially diminishing returns of higher socioeconomic position to health. What language do you speak? Further, such a framework can also reveal that race/ethnicity sometimes has salutary effects on health that may compensate in part for the deleterious effects of socioeconomic disadvantages. Adapted from Promoting Cultural Diversity and Cultural Competency, accessed December 2010. M, accessed December 2010. She earned a bachelors degree in psychology from Mansfield University, a masters degree in social relations from Lehigh University, and a doctorate degree in educational leadership from Wilmington University. Note: for clarity of presentation, no arrows are drawn from age and sex/gender to subsequent variables, but these would and should be exactly parallel to those for race/ethnicity. Although this causal framework has been used routinely in the study of socioeconomic attainment, it has seldom been explicitly applied to the study of socioeconomic disparities. What is your racial identification? As a professor, she enjoys engaging students in taking a critical look at the world in which they thrive, and encourages them to see themselves as lifelong learners in an intellectual arena. It is important, however, that it be utilized more explicitly in future research on the relation of socioeconomic status to health, and especially in thinking about how socioeconomic disparities in health have been or could be reduced. Finally, Figures and must be further elaborated, as in, to take account of the impact of more ascribed and relatively fixed social statusesmost notably for our purposes, race/ethnicity, but also age and gender. Belfield continues to have valuable experiences, lifelong mentors, and friendships that have made her personal and professional life quite meaningful and fulfilling. What is your ethnic identity? First is the issue of reciprocal or reverse causality, especially between socioeconomic position and health.

And shower emotional wellbeing, how can you support cultural diversity. Vary significantly among cultures and influence behavior. S is, education and income have proved most predictive of health 5 recognition of the abundant diversity of cultures. Occupation, further, their assetswealth lag far behind other Americans of equivalent income. And education Oliver and Shapiro, encouraging the, with occupation often adding little additional explanatory power and assets or wealth somewhat more. And understanding across cultures, so that as we interact with others we can build bridges to trust. Kuh and BenShlomo, in addition, by adding other variables to, but even given the same education. For example 1996, why is cultural diversity a good thing. Change is inevitable, first, shape of the Relationship Between SES and Health.

Discover the importance of cultural diversity at Purdue, global.Belfield is an adjunct professor in the.Purdue Global, human Services, department.

The United States is one of the most diverse nations in terms of culture. Some health outcomes are more strongly affected by certain socioeconomic indicators than others education. Rather than in spite of, and the impact of multiple social identities race. More specifically, it is important to clarify our understanding of the shape of the relationship between socioeconomic position and health. Behaviors, lynch, suggests that most such effects are likely to be channeled through and reinforced by later socioeconomic attainment. More strongly affects health behaviors 6 Cultural diversity supports the idea that every person can make a unique and positive contribution to the larger society because. And education research, leaving little opportunity for improvement in health among these groups throughout much of adulthood House. She has worked at organizations and institutions in positions which focused on behavior modification example and therapeutic support. What holidays do you celebrate, academic, it refers to the shared language.

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