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volatile gases. Out-of-Register (1) Descriptive of pages on both sides of the sheet which do not back up accurately. When youre done, when youve gotten through your stack, youre going to go ahead, pile them neatly and then stack them alternately, cross ways like this, so that when you are at your filing cabinet, you can easily grab each little stack of paper. Waterless Plate In platemaking, printing on a press using special waterless plates and no dampening system. Nominal Weight Refers to the basis weight of the paper. Papeterie A paper used for greeting cards, stationery, etcwhich is distinctive from regular stock in that special watermarks and embossing may be used. Feeder The section of a printing press that separates the sheets and feeds them into position for printing. Decurling A paper decurling station on a sheeter or web press, used to remove paper curl. Line Drawing A drawing homework containing no grays or middle tones. Thermography Letterpress printing in which a special ink, while still wet, is dusted with a retinous powder. Pets, Special Interest whatever hobbies youve got, correspondence and of course, Miscellaneous. Grade The classification given to paper due to its unique characteristics, which includes brightness, opacity, cotton content, etc Grain Direction The direction of the fibers in paper. UV Curing The drying of UV inks by a light reaction, rather than by heat and/or oxidation. If you do need to further organize a big stack, think about an accordion file or a notebook with dividers. Embossed Finish A finish imparted to a web of paper through an embossing machine. Fanfold Continuous multiple ply form manufactured from a single wide web which is folded longitudinally. Wet-Strength Papers Once wet, ordinary papers lose most of their original dry-strength properties. Dots, Halftone The individual subdivisions of a printed surface created with a halftone screen. The EPA is charged with most of the environmental responsibility for guidance, direction, monitoring and enforcement in the United States.

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A file containing structured PostScript code. Pasted Pasted grades are those grades of paper or paperboard made up of layers small pasted together. Form layout, usually a combination of drying compounds.

So if a group of papers is small, you should not call it a heap.A nd if a group of papers is very messy, you should not call it a stack.Find stack of papers Stock Images in HD and millions of other royalty-free stock p hotos, illustrations, and vectors in the Shutterstock collection.

Causing the pulp and water to mix in a uniform manner. OneUp, vignette Halftone whose background gradually fades away to blend with how the surface of the paper. Foil A tissuelike material in sheet or roll form covered on one side with a metallic coloring used for stamping.

Repeatability The ability to keep photo film and the images thereon in proper register.Reducing the number of financial statements by using only one or two credit cards and consolidating multiple financial accounts (such as IRAs, brokerage accounts, etc.) to a single financial institution or manager if you can do that without sacrificing investment choices or service.Broken Carton An open carton of paper with some of its contents removed.

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