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Embed (for m hosted blogs and archive. Rough draft of your research paper. For a complete list of past psychology senior projects click here. Y ou will write a research paper of ten to fifteen pages (a minimum of 2,500 words, not including Works Cited in APA style throughout (12 point font with 1-inch margins on your topic of study. For these researchers, the potential gained knowledge overshadowed the harm done to the participants. Interview-, you will need to interview an expert in your field (your mentor OR another expert) and to write a journal about the interview. The Resource List, Outline, Interview and Rough Draft must all be completed as described below, and to the satisfaction of your Senior Advisor, prior to handing in your completed paper. In some situations, other information may be included such as research design, specific methodologies, or other project plans. Regular (e.g., weekly) meetings with Senior Project Advisor. There are extenuating documented circumstances and. Senior Project Statement, you will submit a short description of your project (about 1 page) in which you: State your research question. Learn more about Bards IRB. Your aging research paper will have you delving into social practices, government policies, economic and cultural realities that may affect or be affected by aging people. Pass/Fail/D Policy: As a general rule, Senior Projects may not be taken Pass/Fail/D. Your meeting with your committee is an excellent opportunity for feedback the more thoughtful and detailed your proposal is at this point, the better feedback the committee can offer. Students are required to submit their papers through m, under the guidelines described by your senior advisor. The Final Senior Project Grade will be determined by all members of the project board and will be based on the rubric provided below. Grades will be based both on the quality senior of the project and on the effort put into the project. For your interview, you will speak with established expert in your area of interest. Senior Project Midway Paper, your midway paper should describe the background and significance of your work. You can anticipate the first edition of the paper to be in your hands on or before the deadline you set. Expert Interview Checklist prior to and during the interview. You must use APA style, current edition, for your format and citations. .

And use one inch margins, once the final grade is determined. By the end of their Senior I semesters. The proposal should be on the model of a anuja gupta phd grant proposal written in the future tense and should include all potential measures. You could focus the attention of your readers on the difference between how that underdeveloped nation treats its senior citizens and how the US or the UK does the same. Download further guidelines for the PowerPoint presentation here. You must include a cover page.

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