Paper cd cases template

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tips of the two triangles. I made a PSD file with the template. Picture 3-, both sides have been folded according to picture. Press the delete button on you keyboard and then deselect your selection. Recommendations Electronics Tips Tricks paper cd cases template Challenge Plastics Contest Side Dishes Challenge. Once on the webpage, search the title (in this case, Pineapple Express) you want to use.

Paper cd cases template

nature orf paper Just follow along with the tense in writing thesis image if it helps. Its easy to match your CD label to the case for a professional image. I created a document that has the template cleaned up and ready for your cover image to be inserted. If youapos, step 7, step 1, getting the Basic Parts of the Case.

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Clean room paper specification Paper cd cases template

First, we can start constructing and you folding the paper cddvd case. Picture 13 Both sides completed from pictures. Instructions, fold the ends of the template. And fold a crease at the edge of the top of the photo see picture below.

Just print, cut out, glue the sides, insert the CD of DVD, done.Step 6: Folding Time!

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