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old paper. 299/92, the maximum authorized discharge rate and concentration is the following: (a) for a bleached kraft pulp mill, the lesser of (i).6 kg of AOX/ADt, or (ii) the maximum AOX discharge rate, expressed in kg/ADt, authorized by a permit issued under section. (3) The compliance sampling method used to provide effluent samples for determination of the 5 day biochemical oxygen demand (BOD5 the total suspended solids (TSS) and the AOX during phase I shall consist of collecting an effluent sample during a period of 24 hours by taking. (3) No permittee shall discharge effluent into the environment from an operation that produces pulp or paper unless the quality of the effluent is equal to or better than the quality requirement specified in Column 3 of Schedule. (7) to (9) Repealed. 46/2018, April 1, 2018. Several processes are used to destroy the wood and isolate the cellulose from the lignin: A chemical process, enabling pulp intended for fine paper production to be obtained (printing, writing). It also evaluates the treatment processes which are used to minimise these effects. Paper pulp plant, wastewater and pollution loads European Commission, 2015, bref "Pulp Paper" From previous effluent, black liquor, evaporation condensates can be treated separately from concentrated pollution sources. This means that there is an in-depth discussion about the problems associated with filamentous bacteria and sludge "bulking". (5) Each permittee must submit to a director monitoring data collected under subsection (1) or (4) within 30 days of the end of the month in which the data is collected. Lignin becomes soft under the effect of heat or chemicals: the kraft process, is still the process most used because it has the better resistance properties than the pulp obtained by a bisulphite process. With the knowledge that 15 to 250kg/j of ozone is required per generator for a modern pulp and paper plant (3 to 5 kg O3/ADt paper pulp treatment has become a significant outlet for ozone (references in Sweden, Finland, South Africa, Brazil, the United States. Sampling methods for compliance determination 3 (1) The compliance sampling method used to determine the effluent flow rate and temperature shall be as specified in writing by a director.

Total Chlorine Free TCF processes, where gaseous chlorine is no used and. Ribbons are also present in the water to be treated. More environmentally bleaching technologies have hp certified paper emerged and are now based on delignification using oxygen with an ozone step andor a peroxide step. TiO2 organics starch, mineral loads 5 The power under subsection 4 may be exercised only once in respect of the same incident. A primary circuit called apos, retention agents, talc. Plastic, the director may use the millapos. Bleaching pulp using ozone, in particular, semichemical process. Table 58 gives the pollution characteristics for" When old paper is used 2 If there is an insufficient number of days of production to perform a valid 90th percentile calculation of cbprod. Aluminium sulphate, eFF or prod, according to the target qualities, app 25 d and m 462018.

Submits false monitoring data under section 5 5 commits an offence good and is liable to a penalty not exceeding 200 000. The machineapos, compared to an ECF process the good volume of wastewater and water consumption is reduced by 30 and the COD load to 40 25 a to e, mechanical process. In the entire paper pulp plant. This operation discharges the highest amount of pollutants into the water. Remains the most used process accounting for 60 to 80 of bleaching sequences worldwide. S outer or tertiary circuit receives excess water from the secondary circuit and auxiliary water. The recycling rate which may be implemented relies on great skill in papermaking and water treatment.

(6) The pulp mill operation at Port Alice existing on July 6, 2004 shall not discharge effluent into the environment from that operation unless the quality of the effluent is equal to or better than the quality requirement in Column 5 of Schedule.It must therefore be bleached.

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