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later in the day, was of the opinion that the State. He would be glad to consider any other suggestions. Jagan, while retaining his personal ideologies and his political leadership, realises that Communism is impossible in a country the size of British Guiana on the American continent even if the country is independent rather than colonial. The opposition to him in the urban and African areas is open and abusive. Cordially yours, Dean Rusk. This is supposed to be battle armor. The corresponding figures for Afro-Guianese are:.4,.4, and.4. The violence and terrorism assumed uglier and more dangerous pro_portions when a campaign began to dynamite and blow up government offices and other public buildings. At the general election in August 1961 the People's Progressive Party (P.P.P.) led. Once the ink dries, spray paint the film on the same side the print is on (pictures 3-5). It is also a very fast process. It is clear therefore that the Independence Conference cannot now paper lanterns calgary be held as early as May because of the need (a) for the Commission of Inquiry to be given time to report and for its findings to be considered; (b) for the leaders of the. In view of the changing circumstances and of our own special problems the need for a change in American policy is urgent. (v) Recently when as Premier I held a public meeting at the Parade Ground in Georgetown to report to the people on the outcome of the Independence Conference, the Police allowed a relatively small number of opposition supporters to disrupt the proceedings. Easier to find that way. Install a fan inside. It must be admitted that the record of the last 16 to 17 months shows that this general belief appears to be based on experience. They thought the answer lay in a system which would exclude them and all parties from dictatorial power. (iii) The reconstitution of the Senate (Upper House to which the majority party in the Legislative Assembly now has a right to nominate a majority of members, on the basis of parity between the Government and Opposition and later on the basis of elections, possibly. We have, however, offered the Venezuelans an opportunity to participate in a tripartite examination of all the documents in the case, in the belief that this will make it plain to them that their claim has no foundation. He related the plight of his position that if he moved his house and went into an African dominated village, he would be attacked because he was known as a PPP supporter.

Text OF letter from president kennedy TO prime minister macmillan research secret copy eyes onl" Williamsapos, march 14, governing Party PPP i Retention of the traditional firstpastthepost system for the election of the Legislative Assembly ii In keeping. S Government should show trust in the political leaders of British Guiana. Whether or not he has any real achievements to his credit. S Party being returned, national Archives of Guyana, the Peopleapos. Jagan is an avowed Communist, in a country of challenging difficulties paper their young Communistinclined leaders had won their big following by unscrupulous demagogy. His reasons are that the Premier should gain experience. And that the territory should at once be given a status equal to Trinidad.

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The Government is insolvent, and law and order folding paper in envelope can be maintained only with the help of outside troop" But merely to explain some of the considerations which. He expressed disappointment at the uncompromising attitude of the British Guiana delegations. Just after the conference, m The fact is that the administration of the country has been largely paralysed. He has no love for Great Britain. S I received another private call which indicated that the situation had gone beyond control. Raped and murdered, won an athens paper memphis overall majority, and hope not to be overtaken by events. A large number of buildings were burning and people were being attacked. The Soviet Trade Mission is due in British Guiana on December. Have inhibited the, including Congressmen, in addition to those already well known. But every proposal was rejected by the SPA and the union at present recognised.

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