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representation (2015. Pdf A Knowledge-Grounded Neural Conversation Model (2017 Marjan Ghazvininejad. If a paper is added to the list, another paper (usually from *More Papers from 2016" section) should be removed to keep princeton economics phd application deadline top 100 papers. Pdf Identity Mappings in Deep Residual Networks (2016. Pdf Reading text cute christmas paper plates and napkins in the wild with convolutional neural networks (2016. Pdf Improving distributional similarity with lessons learned from word embeddings,. Pdf A Fast and Accurate Dependency Parser using Neural Networks. Bengio pdf Unsupervised / Generative Models Pixel recurrent neural networks (2016. Pdf Understanding deep learning requires rethinking generalization (2017. Pdf Learning phrase representations using RNN encoder-decoder for statistical machine translation (2014. Pdf On the importance of initialization and momentum in deep learning (2013. Pdf Neural turing machines (2014. Pdf Visualizing and Understanding Recurrent Networks (2015. Pdf Convolutional Neural Network Models Rethinking the inception architecture for computer vision (2016. Pdf Learning to compose neural networks for question answering (2016. (Thus, removing papers is also important contributions as well as adding papers). Pdf Adversarially learned inference (2016. Pdf Convolutional neural networks for sentence classification (2014.

practice We would like to provide a curated list of the awesome deep learning papers which are considered as mustreads in certain research domains. Fergus pdf Decaf, can anyone contribute the code for obtaining the statistics of the authors of Top100 papers. Surpassing humanlevel performance on imagenet classification 2015. A deep convolutional activation feature for generic visual recognition 2014. Pdf Googleapos, szegedy pdf Delving deep into rectifiers. Learning useful representations in a deep network with a local denoising criterion 2010.

Awesome - Most Cited, deep Learning Papers, notice This list is not being maintained anymore because of the overwhelming amount of deep learning papers published every day since 2017.Deep learning (also known as deep structured learning or hierarchical learning ) is part of a broader family of machine learning methods based on learning data representations, as opposed to task-specific algorithms.

Pdf Neural Network and Deep Learning Book. Pdf Learning hierarchical features for scene labeling 2013. Pdf Conditional random fields as recurrent neural networks 2015. We believe that there exist classic deep learning papers which are worth reading regardless of their application domain. Pdf Dermatologistlevel classification of skin cancer with birkbeck phd english deep neural networks 2017. New papers, pdf Deep residual learning for image recognition 2016. An Overview 2017, pdf TensorFlow, key researchers or typos please feel free to edit and pull a request. Pdf Greedy layerwise training of deep networks 2007.

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