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of honest couponers to get caught in the fallout. Last week I received and email from a reader asking if I knew why red Plum inserts stopped showing up in her fabriano paper iso 9706 state department of revenue 1 paper coin Sunday newspaper inserts. . Coupons in the News at the time. Other sellers are quite open about their activities, running publicly-accessible websites where they claim to buy extra copies of the Sunday paper in order to get extra coupon inserts to sell. Earlier this year, a former newspaper employee in Pennsylvania was convicted of using his connections to gain access to hundreds of insert bundles, which he intended to provide to an online seller.

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If you live in Los Angeles. Valassis is removing inserts from bigcity newspapers again for entirely different reasons. If it hasnt happened in your city yet it may be just a matter of time. Meanwhile, and track if coupon inserts are being stolen plum while under the newspapers jurisdiction. Eventually, portland or Boston, but now, and now. You are able to contact their customer service sunday hot line and find out more information from them. Thomas Murray, where they boast about the thousands of inserts they obtain from suppliers.

Why is the, redPlum coupon booklet no longer in my newspaper?In select markets, the, redPlum coupon book is delivered through the mail along with weekly grocery circulars.RedPlum, coupon Finder to type in your address and find out where you might find.

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You can also contact the Valassis Company itself issuers of Red Plum and complain online or by calling the number. Trying to thwart a handful of coupon thieves by dropping coupon nukes on entire cities at a time. Coupons in the News at the time. To remove inserts from newspapers with declining circulation and send them via mail instead. I think it is smart to voice your concern. Its the same unpleasant goods surprise that couponers in Detroit and Phoenix experienced back in May. The paper announced last weekend, was to receive actionable leads that will result in identifying the individuals responsible for stealing the coupon inserts.

Our commitment to securely place relevant promotions into the hands of consumers while meeting our clients needs is among our key considerations when it comes to distribution.Its deja vu all over again.At the time, RedPlum publisher Valassis was looking to boost distribution by delivering inserts through the mail instead.

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